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Women Are Disgusting

image stolen from toponthepop.com

image stolen from toponthepop.com

Ok- not all women, but women in LA seem to be particularly horrible.  No I am not a spurned young man who tried to screw some model at the club last night.  I’m a normal, educated, fun and bitchy woman under 30.  One would think that being friends with me would be something other chicks my age would want to do.  I’m no loser, I do have plenty of girl friends (most of them have been around for years and years) but I can’t think of ONE girl friend of mine in LA who i actually trust FOR REAL.

Of course, we all have the girls who are great to go out for appetizers and wine with when we have a breakup or some other kind of trauma, but those girls don’t seem to be quite as eager to hang out OR as fun to be with unless there’s some kind of tragedy to discuss.  I swear, if I won the powerball jackpot I would be stuck alone with my dog and yummy.com, but if some skank makes out with my boyfriend while I’m out of town my happy hour dancecard will be full for weeks straight.

What’s the deal with this?  Are the ladies of LA really that jealous or bitter or desperate?  The naive little girl in me refuses to believe it.  Am I weird for not ever coveting what my friends have?  Shit, I’m glad when my girls find a great guy or a cool new job.  Why wouldn’t I be?  I’m not them, and wanting what they have is creepy and stalkerish!  Of course, if you’ve been single or broke for a while it can be a TAD much to have to listen to friends gush about their awesome life but I would NEVER go and try to ruin things for them!  Girls in LA have done this to me countless times.  These scandalous whores have gone so far and beyond anything I have ever imagined, just to blow up my spot and make me sad.  What’s the deal?  Does everyone have this problem?