Raw Vegan Ice Cream

Tomberlies Vanilla

Tomberlies Vanilla

It’s after 3am and I just ate 8oz of ice cream. Probably not the best idea I’ve had in recent days but at least it was raw vegan ice cream. Ice cream that doesn’t make me feel violently ill immediately after eating is a beautiful thing.

Vegan food is great.  Nobody can argue the fact that eating actual healthy vegan food will never cause a food hangover.  Anyone who gets food hangovers should probably go get checked for food allergies asap, but that’s a topic for another day.  Just something to think about.




Nothing makes me more confused and angry than Christians, especially the group called “The Christian Right”– a bunch of people who actually have a HUGE amount of influence on the way the entire USA works. It’s beyond comprehension. The fact that the last president of this country actually went as far as to announce publicly that his decisions were guided by “god” is totally outrageous.

I just want someone to explain to me how anyone could think that everyone on earth should have to live their lives according to a certain set of religious guidelines.  I understand morality, and I realize that a lot of the current debates going on in the US are moral issues.  I fail to see how anyone would think that the population at large would give a shit about quotes from religious texts like the bible.  I went to a bunch of the Prop 8 rallies and it blew me away that actual adults who looked semi-functional took time out of their day to cite biblical passages on picket signs and scream about Jesus to a huge crowd of people who really REALLY do not care.

There’s nothing wrong with religion.  I’m not religious, and to be honest I am slightly jealous that some people can find solace in blindly following the contents of books written thousands of years ago.  The thing that blows me away is that we live in the USA and this religious stuff is an issue in everyone’s daily life.  People sailed months and months on boats to get here and found this country because of religious persecution and now one of the two major political parties is completely controlled by a bunch of self-important zealots.

Hello world!

I can’t wait to have a thought and then put it on this damn blog!!