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Third Party? Party!

gag me

After this week’s revolting media saturation with Sarah Palin’s cheesy hair and totally insane ideas, I’ve come to a really cool conclusion. The utter insanity that has taken over the Republican party has made way for a real, viable third party. I voted for Obama, not because I think he’s qualified or because I think he has an inkling of a clue how to run a country, but because I am just so terrified of the Christian right. That’s sad.
I think Obama is doing a terrible job in office, and the fradulent reports he has cooked up for the “stimulus package” are just plain insulting. How people are still blindly supporting his every move is beyond me. I’m beginning to think that 90% of my peers are delusional. Most of them won’t even listen when i try to show them proof of anything that could possibly make Obama out to be anything other than the most perfect person on earth.
Hopefully, the next 4 years will find my naive Democratic friends and some oldschool Republicans who have flown the coop banding together to figure out a way that this country can be governed by a realist.


Hello world!

I can’t wait to have a thought and then put it on this damn blog!!