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Health food restaurants

What is the deal with health food restaurant decor, music and menu item names? I’m sorry but it’s infuriating to have to order food with names like “low carbon footprint lasagne”. Also, only the very worst self important vegan hipsters like to listen to sitar tunes at lunch. Get over yourselves, vegan restauranteurs.


The TLC Channel

The current lineup on the TLC channel makes me sick to my stomach.

10 Years YoungerAdults are told they look haggard then receive instruction on how to look like a teen harpy
Property LadderA show about flipping houses!  Great idea!  By the way it’s not 2004
Heli-LoggersViewers watch as loggers most likely get decapitated or killed while working
18 Kids and CountingJim Bob and Michelle have 18 kids and live in Arkansas.
I Didn’t Know I Was PregnantApparently this is a common problem.  The individual stories are utterly disgusting.  That’s a baby, not a turd you fat fat fat woman.
Jon & Kate Plus 8No explanation necessary
Table For 12Another example of how fertility drugs can turn anyone into a STAR!
Say Yes To The DressSpoiled women have breakdowns over wedding dresses while snarky gay men sneer at them
King Of The Crown Southern high school girls who can barely string together full sentences are browbeaten by their mothers then paraded on stage in evening gowns
Police Women of Broward CountyMoms with poor grammar and quick tempers can be cops too!
Toddlers & TiarasEveryone involved with this show should be jailed for obvious reasons
Wedded to PerfectionWatch as horrible New York couples with entitlement issues plan the celebration of their short-lived marriage!

There are more shows on there but I’m too grossed out to look at the TLC site anymore.

If You’re a Reader

There’s a great article from NY Times Magazine on restricted calorie intake and how it leads to good health, increased energy and living till you’re old and gray.  I won’t bore you with a summary but if you’re interested in diet and health like I am you might want to read this.  :)

The Calorie-Restriction Experiment

Raw Vegan Ice Cream

Tomberlies Vanilla

Tomberlies Vanilla

It’s after 3am and I just ate 8oz of ice cream. Probably not the best idea I’ve had in recent days but at least it was raw vegan ice cream. Ice cream that doesn’t make me feel violently ill immediately after eating is a beautiful thing.

Vegan food is great.  Nobody can argue the fact that eating actual healthy vegan food will never cause a food hangover.  Anyone who gets food hangovers should probably go get checked for food allergies asap, but that’s a topic for another day.  Just something to think about.