The Balloon Bullshit

I sure as hell hope that if any of my friends kids go missing, they do it in a balloon.  Then maybe people would care.  Just so you know, almost a MILLION kids go missing every year in America.  I bet some of the stories of their disappearance are even more CRAAAAAZAY than this balloon garbage.  This is so obviously a stunt drummed up by some slimy scumbag reality TV mastermind.  There’s absolutely no way that this is a coincidence.  That family was on a reality show 2 times for fuck’s sake.

Now. get ready to lose your temper.  Imagine how many tax dollars were spent on that stupid hoax?  I think network in charge of this should pay YOU and ME back for every wasted penny.  What a joke.  Imagine how many real emergencies went unanswered because of those losers and their desperate attempts at fame.


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